A little about us
       We are Dutch Friesian Breeders of the highest quality located just minutes away
       from the pristine emerald green foothills of beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest, in
       Estacada, Oregon.                                                                                                     

       Our interest in the breed started when we attended The Friesian Horse
       Extravaganza in the spring of 2000.  In years past, we have owned many different
       breeds of horses, but never did we dare to dream we'd own one of natures truly
       most beautiful creatures.  That experience left a permanent impression on us and
       we were never the same.   

Our Breeding Philosophy
       Although we are not a large scale breeding farm or import consortium, we will be
       offering a few quality purebred Friesian foals for sale every year registered with
       FPS & FHANA.

       When choosing a stallion, the most important factor we consider is inbreeding
       coefficient.  The FPS, & FHANA recommend a breeding outcome with a coefficient
       of under 5 percent, we look for under 3. Next we look at all desirable aesthetics
       such as overall confirmation, well balanced portions in length, height, and muscle
       structure and overall confirmation. After that, there is what I call the "Hair Gene".  
       Stallions usually have a more generous amount of mane, tail, and feathering
       compared to the mares, so we look for one that will put some hair on the foals.
       After we have made our selections, we then compare prior years service statistics.
       Such as; number of mares services, percentage of foals born, and how many of
       those foals were first, second, and third premiums.                                                    

       And purebred Chocolate Lab pups, check the dog page!

       If you would like to know more, please click on the "Contact Us" button to send us
       an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about our horses
       or our breeding practices.

Cascade Friesians  
Our newest member from our Friesian stallion and Gypsy mare - a
little Gypsy Friesian cross - born 6/7/2013 - with her dam, Tinker
Friesian mares and
Stallion page
Labrador retrievers
Gypsy mare and foal
Our 7 yo. stallion, Aslun, FHANA registered,
Available for stud open to all breeds
Or call 503-351-9155
Beauty, Elegance, Grace
Our Friesian Mare
6 / 2013